Every woman’s a fire-breather.

I’m going away for a week, hope to get a lot of sketching in while I’m gone so I can come back and share pretty pictures.

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Quite possibly the love of my life, Morris was done for my character designs class.  We had to create an anthropomorphic character and depict him at different stages of life.

And Dini the Toddler in a Tiara was the first project I did for the class, way back in September ’11.

A Marie Antoinette design, inspired by Marc Davis.

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Toronto Zoo, March 2012

Some drawings from my program’s Toronto Zoo trip from back in March.  There were a lot more but they are too cringe worthy for me to share.



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Been in a creative slump lately. Finally something I’m content with. Will be art-dumping quite a bit over the next few days, as I’m anxious to make an electronic record of my year’s work.

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Here’s some recent things from my sketchbook, thought I’d upload them.

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Kakatua Raja

These past holidays have brought me many things.  Food, fun, friends and family.  With these I also finally have some time to work on my last commission and to really explore new artistic directions for myself.  Yes, I love all that I am doing in school, but personal work is very important to me.  I’ve been trying things completely different from what myself, and other people are used to seeing from me.  So far, results are good and I am eager to continue experimenting with different techniques and motifs.

Here is a picture I did for my friend Patty, who has a blog of her own that you should check out, here.  Its of her favourite animal, the Kakatua Raja, very pretty, I really enjoyed doing this one.

I’ve also been really inspired by African artwork.  I find the art so graphic and beautiful, and the designs and motifs are very interesting.  Here is an African influenced picture I did over a few days, I tried a lot of new things with this one and I really like the results.

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Introductions and wildcats

Hello world!  Just thought I’d get my act together and start posting some work.  Didn’t really like my old blog so I decided to start fresh with wordpress.  Enjoy the kitties below!

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